Wednesday, April 14, 2010

my name is Ben

my name is ben. i never use more than three fingers while typing. I use my left index finger and my right thumb and bird finger. I cook burgers to make my living at Billy's on Burnet rd. in Austin, Texas. I like rock n roll. I got my g.e.d in 1996. I hate my car. My only aspiration right now is to buy this KIA suv that i saw on tv. I don't actually know if that is a goal or aspiration or possibly neither. Its probably a pipe dream. i am scared to drive on I-35 any farther south than oltorf and any farther north than runberg, for fear of my tires exploding and leading to my ultimately gruesome demise, at least while I'm still cooking burgers only blocks from the house I grew up in. If i had my KIA suv., I could go anywhere i please, plus it has some sort of warantee for like 10,000 miles and i could sing the song from the commercial but in my version it goes, "see ya in a fuckin kia." I would drive to IKEA just for the fifty cent hot dogs. Anyway, I host a monday night record party dj thing a poolhall called The Grand. it allows me to play some RNR records with my friends for other friends to listen to the same songs week after week, while at the same time allowing me to consume lots of alcohol. This is usually a good time. My "dj" name is ben blackout. its completely retarded it must have come about while intoxicated, on the other hand I am kinda retarded anyways so alcohol probably wasn't even involved. I prolly just thought it sounded cool. Yep, thats exactly what happened. It really never should have been like this. I really used to like doo wop music when i was a kid. i was obsessed with the fiftes. Once while watching back to the future with my mom, she informed me that she had seen the band Preforming "earth angel" called the penguins. At the time I thought this was really cool. I don't think its not cool now, just not as cool. Doo wop makes me and Sean Cox laugh when we listen to Paul Ray's Twine Time some saturday nights in the kitchen. We like to imitate it. we discuss the possibilities of beginning our own doo wop group but we both can only do the high pitched voice and we don't know anybody who can sound like a frog. Like the guy in in that Orlons song, "don't hang up" which is a cool fuckin song and would i in no way consider it doo wop but that fuckin frog man keeps sayin "oh no" in frog voice for some reason.

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