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The Embers- I walked all night

it's been a minute, so i decided to make a new video. I've been pretty broke and busy with holiday type stuff and no real funds to put towards new records. I can't wait to tell you guys about this next years SXSW Burger City line up. I'm super excited with how its coming together so far. I will clue ya'll in as soon as I feel that I wont be jinx'n myself. but anyway, here's a great little tune in the mean time.

As far as I can tell, not much is known about this group. I heard it in a tiny bar in london about 6 or 7 years ago the dj ( bear family) actually told me he had picked it up in Austin , Tx if my memory serves me correctly. It took me at least another two years to track it down on vinyl on Born Bad vol.7 witch i'm pretty sure is an Italian bootleg" Songs The Cramps Taught Us." I could be very wrong about that but.... it is not on any vinyl Cramps compilation that I am aware of. I have never come across the actual 7" either.None the less, I am very happy to own it. Great fuckin song!
it was recorded for Murray Nash's own Do-Ra-Me label, Nashville Tennessee, in the very early 60's I guess (Nash has been running his label from 1955 to the late 60s) and sadly stayed unreleased. Too bad...Just imagine a cute little 7" piece of wax with "I walked all night" on one side and "The Thump !" on the other.

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more stuff soon.

i have been super busy lately with not alot of spare time on my hands, more stuff coming soon.