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I can't sleep

I don't think its that i can't actually sleep. Its like I won't allow myself to. I feel as if this would we be okay if I were actually doing something constructive. I have always I feel been more creative in the wee hours of the morning. Sadly however, not in recent years. I feel I lack inspiration , direction and drive. It's 5:53 am, I will probably turn off the computer shortly before 7:00 and be fast asleep within seconds. I will wake up around 1:30, maybe do laundry or lay around the house till 4:30. then I will go cook and wash dishes till 11:30. consequently, lately I am terrified of getting pink eye from dirty dish water. Once I thought I had AIDS cause my chest and neck were really itchy for like 3 months with no visible rash and it turns out if you google AIDS symptoms... EVERY FUCKIN THING IS A SYMPTOM! . Then I decided it was because I was drinking dos xx at work so I switched to miller light and it was still going on  so i ran the gammet ( no idea on how to spell that, apparently neither does spell check.) for a bit and the day I decided to give coors light a friend Angye shows up at work and she tells me that she has sensitive skin cause shes gettin older and she has had to quit using fragranced detergents and soaps. I says to myself, "shit, I'm gettin older." . Anyway, I stuck with coors light and kicked out the fragrance except for my friend old spice. Which brings me to this. If I don't drink, I don't sleep. Not because I can't but I think because I won't. I can pretty much fall asleep on command but I really hate  telling myself to do stuff. So, I blame the internet and alcohol and Netflix (which the selection of watch instantly movies for the most part is pretty piss poor. I just like to tell myself it's not. I spend more time trying to decide which movie I have little or hardly any desire to see or that I've seen a million times already or whatever, theres a few good things. I really like "I like killing flies.) I used to be creative and inspired before this shit was around or consumed so much of my life much. What happened? Anyway, you should check out John Wesley Coleman III debut album Steal My Mind. its got alotta great fuckin songs on it one of em's called "I cant sleep."

Boobs the junkshop glam discotheque

this is another great compilation i came across awhile back. The opening track, "Turtle Dove" by The Rats is awesome. Not to be confused with Mick Ronsons Rats. Track 4 "Albatross" by Chunky might very well be my favorite along with The Boston Boppers, "Did you get what you wanted". Sensation is great too. Lots of cliches here but over all I have found it to be a pretty great collection solid songs that never quite got their day. Anyway, check it out for yourself.


1. Turtle Dove - The Rats
2. Wired Up - Hector
3. Interplanetary Twist - Screemer
4. Albatross - Chunky
5. Motor Boat - Jimmy Jukebox
6. (Dance With The) Guitar Man - Shelby
7. Jungle - Erasmus Chorum
8. Love Is Alright (Hey) - Hot Rod
9. Black Eyed Woman - The Sensation
10. Natural Gas - Paul Ryan
11. Little Bit O' Soul - Iron Cross
12. Don't Let Go - Light Fantastic
13. Let Your Hair Hang Down - Catapult
14. Good Time - Fanny Angel
15. Poor Annie - Barry Blood
16. Shout It Out - Ice Cream
17. Did You Get What You Wanted - Boston Boppers
18. Baby - Sensation
19. She's Just A Friend Of Mine - Hobnail
20. Let's Go - Rock Rebellion


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Incredible Kidda Band - Too Much, Too Little, Too Late!

"every single song is fucking great"-Ben T

Remember during the good ol' days of late '70s and early '80s guitar-based new wave and power pop? Remember when the Boys had a new release, and how the raw energy almost ripped holes in your speakers? Prepare to relive those days, cuz here come two CDs of raw, unpretentious energy, dressed up in the catchiest hooks this side of the Boys. Recorded between 1977 and 1981, the Kiddas never got the break they deserved, due to circumstances beyond their control. They certainly had the talent and the songs, but it just didn't work out for them. With 29 tracks, there's something for every guitar pop fan. All the tracks are raw and primitive, but not sloppy. And each song, written by leader Alan Hammonds, has so much snap, crackle, and pop, you'll be stuffed silly by the time Disc Two ends. "Can I Take the Car Tonight" sounds like it could've been at least a regional hit way back then! "While the 1979-1981 material is in stereo, the earlier 1977 recordings are in mono, enhancing the experience for the fan, while irritating the audiophiles at the same time! "Fighting My Way Back" musically resembles a mix 'tween power pop favorites Bram Tchaikovsky and the Records "If Looks Could Kill," "Big Boys Don't Cry," and "Get Off the Telephone" are such nice, hooky little songs, that you have to wonder why no major label snapped them up. Though the sound quality is debatable in a few places, the songs speak for themselves. -AMG
Can I take the car tonight
Radio Caroline
Wait ‘til your father gets home
Don’t take me to the cleaners
The girl said no
You can’t do that
I’m gonna join the army
Bullet in my heart
Sign on the dotted line
Major Tom
Asleep at the wheel
Camphill Go Go
So Excited
Saturday night fever
Everybody knows
You belong to me
Fighting my way back
Watch out theif
Get off the telephone
Gotta keep the noise turned down
If looks could kill
No nerve
If you think I’m square
Big boys don’t cry
I want you
I wanna be a hero
We’re gonna make it

(part 1)
(part 2)

Sharpies Attack VA

The Sharpies loved their music tough, loud and simple. Suzi Quatro, Sweet, Sensational Alex Harvey Band, T-Rex, Gary Glitter and Bowie (as long as it was songs like "Rebel Rebel" or "Jean Genie"). But the most popular overseas group was Slade. They were probably bigger in Australia than anywhere else. "Slade Alive!" was played at every party I went to where there were Sharpies. When Slade toured with Status Quo in early '73, every gig was like a mass meeting of the Sharpie clans. Weirdly, the tour also included Lindisfarne and Caravan on the bill. I am surprised those two bands made it through the tour alive.

Of the local acts, the most popular were Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs, AC/DC, Buster Brown (featuring Angry Anderson, later of Rose Tattoo, and Phil Rudd, later of AC/DC), Skyhooks, and Hush. But none were more popular than Lobby Loyde and the Coloured Balls. In their short lifespan ('72–'74), they were the undisputed number one Sharpie band.
- Bruce Milne
Both of the AC/DC songs on this comp feature original front man Dave Evans.The Young brothers decided that Evans was not a suitable frontman for the group, because they felt he was more of a glam rocker like Gary Glitter. On stage, Evans was occasionally replaced by the band's first manager, Dennis Laughlin, who was the original lead singer with Sherbet prior to Daryl Braithwaite joining the band. Evans did not get along with Laughlin, which also contributed to the band's ill feeling toward Evans

Boot Power Vol 4 VA 1970-79

These are two amazing comps i found courtesy of definitely worth your while.

01 - Intro: Flanelcat - Yer big girl’s blouse (1973)
02 - Hustler - Get outa me 'ouse (1974)
03 - Johnny Moped - Make trouble (1978)
04 - Kipper - Kipper (1975)
05 - Protex - I can only dream + intro “Made in Britain LP”(1979)
06 - Rats - Queen (1974)
07 - The Drones - Lookalikes (1977)
08 - Chas & Dave - I’m a rocker (1975)
09 - Puncture - You can’t rock and roll (1977)
10 - Tiger - I am an animal (1975)
11 - UK Subs - Young criminals (1979)
12 - Pyramids - Summertime, sunshine (1973)
13 - Helter Skelter - Goodbye baby
14 - Slade - O.K. Yesterday was yesterday (1974)
15 - Teenbeats - Strenght of the nation (1979)
16 - Blood Chains – Tired guy of the road (1975)
17 - Nottingham Forest & Paper Lace - We’ve got the whole world...(1978)
18 - Cock Sparrer - Trouble on the terraces (1977)
19 - Giggles – Just another saturday night (1976)
20 - Milk 'N' Cookies - Typically Teenage
21 - Great British Heroes - Eric Miller (1978)
22 - Mott The Hoople - Drivin' Sister (1973)
23 - The Outcasts - The cops are coming (1979)
24 - Supernaut - The kids are out tonight (1977)
25 - Fresh - Shifting the blame (1970)
26 - A.G.G.R.O. end.....

Boot Power Vol 5 VA 1970-79

thanks to

The Lonely Hearts- Last Kiss

my name is Ben

my name is ben. i never use more than three fingers while typing. I use my left index finger and my right thumb and bird finger. I cook burgers to make my living at Billy's on Burnet rd. in Austin, Texas. I like rock n roll. I got my g.e.d in 1996. I hate my car. My only aspiration right now is to buy this KIA suv that i saw on tv. I don't actually know if that is a goal or aspiration or possibly neither. Its probably a pipe dream. i am scared to drive on I-35 any farther south than oltorf and any farther north than runberg, for fear of my tires exploding and leading to my ultimately gruesome demise, at least while I'm still cooking burgers only blocks from the house I grew up in. If i had my KIA suv., I could go anywhere i please, plus it has some sort of warantee for like 10,000 miles and i could sing the song from the commercial but in my version it goes, "see ya in a fuckin kia." I would drive to IKEA just for the fifty cent hot dogs. Anyway, I host a monday night record party dj thing a poolhall called The Grand. it allows me to play some RNR records with my friends for other friends to listen to the same songs week after week, while at the same time allowing me to consume lots of alcohol. This is usually a good time. My "dj" name is ben blackout. its completely retarded it must have come about while intoxicated, on the other hand I am kinda retarded anyways so alcohol probably wasn't even involved. I prolly just thought it sounded cool. Yep, thats exactly what happened. It really never should have been like this. I really used to like doo wop music when i was a kid. i was obsessed with the fiftes. Once while watching back to the future with my mom, she informed me that she had seen the band Preforming "earth angel" called the penguins. At the time I thought this was really cool. I don't think its not cool now, just not as cool. Doo wop makes me and Sean Cox laugh when we listen to Paul Ray's Twine Time some saturday nights in the kitchen. We like to imitate it. we discuss the possibilities of beginning our own doo wop group but we both can only do the high pitched voice and we don't know anybody who can sound like a frog. Like the guy in in that Orlons song, "don't hang up" which is a cool fuckin song and would i in no way consider it doo wop but that fuckin frog man keeps sayin "oh no" in frog voice for some reason.