Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Incredible Kidda Band - Too Much, Too Little, Too Late!

"every single song is fucking great"-Ben T

Remember during the good ol' days of late '70s and early '80s guitar-based new wave and power pop? Remember when the Boys had a new release, and how the raw energy almost ripped holes in your speakers? Prepare to relive those days, cuz here come two CDs of raw, unpretentious energy, dressed up in the catchiest hooks this side of the Boys. Recorded between 1977 and 1981, the Kiddas never got the break they deserved, due to circumstances beyond their control. They certainly had the talent and the songs, but it just didn't work out for them. With 29 tracks, there's something for every guitar pop fan. All the tracks are raw and primitive, but not sloppy. And each song, written by leader Alan Hammonds, has so much snap, crackle, and pop, you'll be stuffed silly by the time Disc Two ends. "Can I Take the Car Tonight" sounds like it could've been at least a regional hit way back then! "While the 1979-1981 material is in stereo, the earlier 1977 recordings are in mono, enhancing the experience for the fan, while irritating the audiophiles at the same time! "Fighting My Way Back" musically resembles a mix 'tween power pop favorites Bram Tchaikovsky and the Records "If Looks Could Kill," "Big Boys Don't Cry," and "Get Off the Telephone" are such nice, hooky little songs, that you have to wonder why no major label snapped them up. Though the sound quality is debatable in a few places, the songs speak for themselves. -AMG
Can I take the car tonight
Radio Caroline
Wait ‘til your father gets home
Don’t take me to the cleaners
The girl said no
You can’t do that
I’m gonna join the army
Bullet in my heart
Sign on the dotted line
Major Tom
Asleep at the wheel
Camphill Go Go
So Excited
Saturday night fever
Everybody knows
You belong to me
Fighting my way back
Watch out theif
Get off the telephone
Gotta keep the noise turned down
If looks could kill
No nerve
If you think I’m square
Big boys don’t cry
I want you
I wanna be a hero
We’re gonna make it

(part 1)
(part 2)

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