Friday, April 16, 2010

Boobs the junkshop glam discotheque

this is another great compilation i came across awhile back. The opening track, "Turtle Dove" by The Rats is awesome. Not to be confused with Mick Ronsons Rats. Track 4 "Albatross" by Chunky might very well be my favorite along with The Boston Boppers, "Did you get what you wanted". Sensation is great too. Lots of cliches here but over all I have found it to be a pretty great collection solid songs that never quite got their day. Anyway, check it out for yourself.


1. Turtle Dove - The Rats
2. Wired Up - Hector
3. Interplanetary Twist - Screemer
4. Albatross - Chunky
5. Motor Boat - Jimmy Jukebox
6. (Dance With The) Guitar Man - Shelby
7. Jungle - Erasmus Chorum
8. Love Is Alright (Hey) - Hot Rod
9. Black Eyed Woman - The Sensation
10. Natural Gas - Paul Ryan
11. Little Bit O' Soul - Iron Cross
12. Don't Let Go - Light Fantastic
13. Let Your Hair Hang Down - Catapult
14. Good Time - Fanny Angel
15. Poor Annie - Barry Blood
16. Shout It Out - Ice Cream
17. Did You Get What You Wanted - Boston Boppers
18. Baby - Sensation
19. She's Just A Friend Of Mine - Hobnail
20. Let's Go - Rock Rebellion