Friday, June 29, 2012


Pretty Stoked about the release show! Its all happenin' at the 29th Street Ballroom,Sunday July 8th.Its a great line up.Sara O, Jon Chamberlain(Rubberneck)and Jason from OBNIIIs will be Dj'n. We got Bad Vibes which is Tennent of Bare Wires and Maybe Baby currently backed by Max from Flesh Lights and Orville from Bad Sports('nough said).Teenage News, who are equal parts Replacements, Ducks Deluxe, Phil Seymour, Flamin' Groovies and Bobby Fuller. Teenage News will be hitting the road through the South in mid September with The Bad Lovers and have a release due out at the end of July . Next we have Stiff Nites, a relatively new band that ooooooze trash and sleaze, purse snatching,leather weather type shit.Last but certainly not least... Sexploits! Girl fronted,great hooks,super catchy,juvenile delinquent fuzzed out pop punk. Poppets is what comes to mind!(love the poppets!)Overall I am very excited for the Lovers. Its a great record hopefully we will have a follow up to it before the end of the year. They have been my favorite local band to kind of watch grow and come into their own over the last few years. The new material is So good. I cant wait for ya'll to hear it as well! So come out if you can, we will be giving some records and tshirts and other goodies away. Drinks are only a $1 from 10-midnight. The show is free, what else could you possibly need? Oh yeah,a copy of the debut album by The Bad Lovers,it's called Actin' Strange! FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE

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