Sunday, August 28, 2011


Bad sports is TV's Daniel Fried, Orville Bateman Neeley III and Gregory Rutherford. These boys hail from Denton, Tx and last night they had there Lp release for their second album "Kings Of The Weekend,"on Dirtnap Records at Beerland, Tx with Wax Museums. First of all the show was super fun!!! (look out for the next issue of RUBBERNECK , should be some good pics!)Second of all, the title says it all. There is not one sleeper on this record, I fuckin mean it too, no shit, I got like 5 favorites! I listen to Can't Just Be Friends and I'm like "Dang I love this freakin song, its my fave!" and then Teenage Girls starts up and I'm like, "holy smoke! this is my jam!" It just keeps going!!! This is bad kid tuff pop at its very best! This record makes me wanna shimmy and shake, make out , drink beers, take shots, know all the words and buy another t shirt. For my money, It's the best thing to come out this year and its only $10!!!! You can pick it up HERE. I bought 2 copies and now I'm In Love With Myself!!!!!!!

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